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HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 272


The HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 272 has been scientifically engineered to maximize hair growth with these unique features:

  • Engineered to surpass all other laser caps on the market in comfort, flexibility, electronic quality and usability
  • Laser Cap Engineered with 272 Medical grade lasers
  • The laser cap includes a skin-comfort silicone insert conceals the internal circuitry while protecting the laser diodes and keeping them clean
  • Laser diodes are densely spaced and precisely aligned inside the laser cap to deliver the optimal amount of laser energy to reach the scalp for uniform stimulation
  • Advanced electronic laser driving circuitry in our laser caps
  • We include a water resistant silicone liner inside the laser cap for thorough and easy cleaning
  • Dual operating mode technology for a choice of constant or pulsing laser light wave – 15-minute or 30-minute treatment time, 3 days a week
  • Rechargeable battery pack to take your laser cap ‘on the go’
  • Controller with illuminated treatment timer and battery level indicator ensure you get the perfect treatment every time with your laser cap
  • Lock-in micro-USB omni directional cable for safety and easy operation of your laser cap


  •  PowerFlex Laser Cap 272 Includes:
    • PowerFlex Laser Cap 272 Device
    • Storage/Travel Case
    • Accessory Case
    • Sports Cap
    • Controller
    • Controller Cable
    • Power Cord
    • Power Supply


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