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HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap Hair Growth Device


  • 15 minutes partial scalp coverage / 30 minute full scalp coverage treatment time
  • Best fits head sizes up to 22.5 in (57.15 cm) in circumference
  • Therapeutic light energy stimulates follicles, reverses thinning, restores the hair’s natural growth cycle, and promotes hair growth
  • 80 medical grade lasers (no LEDs)
  • 800mW Total power output when flipped
  • Unique design treats front of scalp, back of scalp, or both with just a flip
  • Lightest Cap device on the market, weights just 10.3 oz., providing an ultra-comfortable treatment
  • Users receive equal to 160 lasers for the cost of 80 when used on the back and front
  • The translucent silicone liner protects and conceals the laser diodes


  • The FLIP 80 Laser Cap Includes:
    • HairMax Flip 80 Hair Growth Device
    • Storage/Travel Case
    • Rechargeable built in battery
    • USB Power Cord/ Power Supply
    • User Manual


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